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Fooling with science and physics from my early days in the womb! Also a father to many cats!

Are solid-state batteries not that robust as the hype screams?

Batteries — for years now, had only a few breakthroughs and major development taking place in the battery-making process.

For more than a decade — the human race is stuck with Lithium-ion batteries.

While researchers are hard at work to find a breakthrough battery composition/technology, we are still a long way off from using them.

Since the world is becoming very conscious about our environment and turning towards becoming eco and striving to use and live on recycled products and are intending to live on renewable energy, one day.

A lot of us have already started migrating to this idea…

A Generation That Was Fooled

How Marketing Has Destroyed the Brains of Many!

Photo by William Chiesurin on Unsplash

Wow! after so much speed chasing, is speed a thing anymore?

Well, I still remember drooling at every Ferrari and Lamborghini and wishing to buy them someday.

Every supercar before the 2000s the 0–60 (0–100) was limited at 3.6- 4 seconds, until recently when the number was pushed down to under 3.5 seconds on most supercars.

Then dawned the age of hypercars — with their slick and mean beauty, and equipping beasty speed. One should note the recent Bugatti Chiron, which is claimed to be the fastest car in the world, takes 2.3 …

Elon, who knows how to get into controversies and to manipulate stock prices fails at it miserably or sometimes succeeds. The most favorite weapon of his choice to manipulate anything is — Twitter.

He should be banned from Twitter for its misuse. Before he started driving the craze of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, he trailer tested this with his stock price and later got sued by SEC.

Where are we heading? and is bitcoin and other crypto are really decentralized?

Prelude — Elon’s Pumping And Dumping

The Beginning

The August of 2018, Elon Musk tweets about privatizing Tesla at $420 per stock and informed that the funds are secured…

Is The Future Dangerous?

Is too much technological progress a threat to mankind?

How many times have we found ourselves thinking or saying “Oh.. So cool! I wish, I could also interact with my devices using my brain. I wish this was the future” after watching every sci-fi movie.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

We all grew up saying this or wishing something existed in real life. Oblivious of real-world challenges and the criminal aspect. We kept imagining a beautiful future that was created and displayed to us in the movies or books.

Already, the technology that are in existence are being misused on a wider scale than it is being used for good. With the recent US…

Photo by Alexandr Bormotin on Unsplash

Have you ever wondered why Apple has no presence on the internet so far?

No search engine, social media platform — Absolutely nothing but their website. Ever questioned, why?

Apple’s Forgotten Social Media Platform

If you are an OG or an Apple enthusiast, you would remember Apple launched a social media platform for iTunes users but had to shut it down because it was unsuccessful.

That was the only shot Apple has taken so far with the social media world. If you are asking me if they would try this space again? Probably not!

Before I explain why. Let us cover a small history of…

Photo by Aleksi Räisä on Unsplash

While most crypto fans, enthusiasts, promoters of the decentralized financial system are praising bitcoin and also promoting it as a great form of investment, in reality, it is not the brave hero with a bright torch.

Why Bitcoin is a Cloak

Only 21 Million Bitcoin were created for its entire life. The reason being is to really promote a decentralized financial system that has now sidetracked as a quick-buck market.

The cryptosystem has become like a contender to the stock market. In actuality — the Crypto market cannot ever challenge the traditional stock market.

  1. The stock market is backed by financial authorities.
  2. Although stock markets…

Photo by Wilmer Martinez on Unsplash

Death threats, suicide threats, blackmails, and so much drama we had to witness before and during the launch of this game. Cyberpunk is definitely the most anticipated game since its announcement. The amount of cheer and noise it managed to create hasn’t been done by any other game before. If it had been done by any other game — then Cyberpunk 2077 surpassed it!

In Development for 8-years

CD Projekt Red has been working on this project for 8-yrs, and finally, they get to showcase the world on the 10th of December 2020 after many delays.

With developers receiving death threats to developers working…

Founded in the year 1982 in a garage to now making revenues of 11.17 billion dollars. Adobe has come a long way and still reigning successfully. Adobe, an affordable service offerer has stuck far so long than any. With their suite of apps and programs. Adobe has managed to keep inventing and also made sure to match the walk with the pace of the world and keeps listening to the creators and independent creators to offer profound solutions and to enable them to do more.

2008 Recession

Shantanu Narayen became the CEO in the year 2007, and the following year the world…

After living with cats almost all my life, I’ve realized one thing — Cats are the most caring and sweetest creatures ever!

Most pet-owners rub cats back as an action to express love, but what if there are more sensitive points and areas that cats want us humans to pet them?

The Neck Area of the Cat

Photo by James Sutton on Unsplash

Do you know cats love when you scratch their neck and also when you rub their head?

Cat loves this!

This is an extremely successful trick that any new cat owners first do and this improves the relationship and really helps to bond with their pet cat like never…

Heading To Ruins?

Photo by Kiran CK on Unsplash

Founded in the year 1946 by Masura Ibuka and Akio Morita, Sony has been pioneering in innovation and reliability. Their products were widely known for their great engineering and withstanding the test of time. I personally had way too many Sony devices and used them until it was beaten up pretty badly, but still, it kept functioning.

The option to make your own movies with the Camcorder had us all 90’s kid up on the excitement. It was like a piece of luxury that is hard to describe.

But at present, Sony is lagging behind its competition. It really aches…

Abdul Moiz

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